Men and women of all ages have been waiting to find the love of their lives but it hasn’t happened yet. You diligently work through the maze and haze of dating hoping to find Mr. or Miss Right, but with the speed of light you discover this person is all wrong. You even take the long walk to the alter and say “I Do” only to find out later that you should say “I Don’t”. You use dating sites and social networking to find “The One”. Your friends and family are constantly hooking you up with the “one you’ve been waiting for”. Only it turns out to be a nightmare. She’s a gorgeous woman and he’s a very handsome man but before long you realize you’re with a scammer, cheater, beaters, manipulator, gambler, thief, liar and a dead beat wrapped in a very expensive package. Why do you keep choosing the wrong woman or the wrong man time and time again? All relationship books tell you what you should do: do this or do that. Problem is, you’ve done everything possible to find the right person but nothing works. This is because most authors are afraid to confront the opposite. 10 Reasons, is a different book because it gives you candid information on what you are doing wrong using my experience working with men and women in individual sessions and couples therapy while weaving in real life letters I’ve received from people asking me for advice. If you want to find the love of your life, or help a friend or family member you must download a copy of 10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found the Love of Your Life.

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