Dr. Vicki

Vicki is an Army wife who is a native of Dallas, Texas. Vicki has always had a knack for giving people quick advice and helping them solve problems. As a young girl, most of her friends had a lemonade stand but Vicki had a table in the front of her house that said “Advice for Free”. Interestingly, young and older adults called it the chill and chat with Ms. Vicki. She quickly became known as the little Problem Redecorator. Ms. Vicki started writing and advice column for military Service members and civilians called Dear Ms. Vicki and Ask Ms. Vicki. The column became a big success as she receives hundreds of letters each week asking questions about infidelity in marriage and relationships, surviving deployments and long separations, and child-rearing. Vicki has provided treatment for children and adults who are diagnosed with PTSD and other anxiety disorders, depression and other mood disorders, substance abuse etc. She is a speaker and trainer on several topics. Vicki is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology as well as a licensed clinical therapist. Vicki has been featured on CNN, CBS Early Show, NBC Nightly News, radio, the LA Times and several other newspapers. Vicki is married to her college sweetheart Nathaniel “Skip” Johnson Jr. They have 3 sons.

TV & Radio Host, Guest Expert, Author, Mental Health Therapist, Relationship Expert, Army Wife & Advice Columnist.